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This company started off to be great and easy to work with but now they have turned into a nightmare.It has now been almost three months and they have not completed delivering all my furniture and have overcharged us.

They were to deliver our items but claimed that their truck was too large to drive to where we live. They said if we wanted our furniture we would have to pay for a smaller truck. After hours of going back and forth with them, I finally gave up and agreed only to then be told that they could not find a smaller truck available. Shockingly, they said if I wanted my furniture, I would have to pick it up myself!!

Didnt I hire them so I didnt have to do this myself? I went to meet a "driver" in a skeptical and truck yard and finally got my items after days of phone calls and followups and frustration. Only to have my items missing which they still have not delivered. Anytime I call them, they say they will call back and never do.


Its not worth the hassle, false promises, and lies.Save your money and sanity and do it yourself.

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